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Zovy Email Archive Notice


Technology Services & Innovation is pleased to announce that we have recently migrated your email from Microsoft Exchange hosted on premise to the new Microsoft Exchange Online hosted in the Cloud.

What this migration means is…

  • Your email storage has been moved from our onsite servers located in our data center to Microsoft's 365 cloud servers;
  • Your mailbox storage has increased from 200 megabytes to 50 gigabytes which is about 250 times more storage;
  • You will no longer have to delete your email from your deleted folder to free up mailbox space;
  • You will be able to create folders under your inbox which will allow you to sort and manage your email;
  • Some of your junk email will now go to the "Junk Email" folder! Be sure to check the folder if you're missing an expected email; and
  • You will no longer receive those nagging email messages indicating that "Your mailbox is full" due to the increased storage capacity!

Due to the new increased mailbox storage space and as a cost savings measure for our district, we will be decommissioning  Zovy as our email archiving system on Saturday, July 15, 2017.  Over the next month we will be migrating all archived mail from Zovy to the new Microsoft Email Archive solution.  Once your archived email is migrated, it will appear in your "Archive" folder inside of Outlook as  displayed below.

 Important Graphic.pngà After Zovy is decommissioned on July 15, 2017, DO NOT DELETE, from this point forward, any email you might want to retrieve in the future.

Please note the Archive button is located right next to the Delete button. All Archived mail will be moved to the Archive Folder located under your email address in Outlook:


The "Archive" button is currently only available on Windows 10 devices running the installed Outlook 2016.  Please see below for instructions for installing Windows 10.


If you are currently on Windows 7, we recommend that you install Windows 10 through the Software Center. Below are instructions for installing Windows 10 and a short video explaining the process.


  1. You must be on the VCS Network.
  2. Click on the Software Center icon  located on your computers  desktop.
  3. Select Operating Systems, then click on Upgrade to Windows 10.
  4. Allow the update to run without interruption.  This install may take up to 1 hour to complete.
  5. If the update is not available to you through the Software Center, please create a Technology Service Request to have your computer manually upgraded.​

If you need to retrieve an archived email from  Zovy during the migration period, you will need to contact Customer Support at extension 20000

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